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The Leader of the Pack Howls

Farewell from The Leader of The Pack

Dear Readers,

This is a bittersweet issue for me in many ways. In the last issue, I shared with you the passing of my beloved Bernie who was the inspiration and founding dog of The Prescott Dog. First, I want to thank many of you who sent notes and cards about what I shared in my tribute to Bernie last issue. It made me feel so good to hear how much the story touched you and it meant the world to me. With that said, I have some other big news to share with you this issue. I have decided to retire or maybe “semi-retire” and have sold The Prescott Dog magazine and our events to a very special and capable woman who is already a huge supporter of rescue and shelter animals in our community. Her name is Cherie Dreves and she is everything I wanted to take care of my baby, The Prescott Dog. She has many years in the publishing industry and has many, many talents that will lend themselves to growing the publication.

Cherie and I have been transitioning the publication since our last edition and this issue will be the first that she publishes. She has asked me to stay around for a bit so I have accepted the positon of “Editor At Large” which means I don’t have to do a lot of work but will be out in the community somewhat looking for stories and writing our Horsin’ Around feature until we find a new writer for that. I do plan on doing some fun things that I have wanted to do for a while.

In addition to that, I have licensed a publication in the Phoenix area that has been a long time coming. Over the years, I have had many requests to do a publication in the Phoenix area so instead of trying to do it all myself, I found another incredible woman named Cathy Davila who will be launching The Phoenix Dog on the same schedule as The Prescott Dog. The Premier Edition will be in May at the same time you see this one. My hope is to go into other areas finding people who want to own a publication like ours with the mission of promoting the human/animal bond and raising awareness of shelter and rescue animals.

It has been so wonderful to work with these two incredible, compassionate women who have the same dream as I had to have a publication that helps the people and animals in the community. I hope to find more in other areas as time goes on. Also, working with them these past couple of months has been helping me keep busy and work through the grieving process of losing my Bernie. I now see the bigger picture of what my purpose is in this life. I will continue to spread the word about how animals enrich our lives and how special shelter and rescue animals are.

I want to thank you all for your support of The Prescott Dog for all these years and ask that you continue to support it as it grows even more with Cherie. I am so grateful for the many years I have done this publication as it has been such a gift in my life. I am currently assisting Cherie with the 5th Annual Woofstock in Prescott Valley and will also be working with her on our 10th Annual Dogtoberfest and Adopt-a-thon. I hope to see you all there as these events continue to grow and help the animals in our community and the people that love them.

I am looking ahead to a new day and a new adventure!

Love, Light and Laughter to you all,


Ann, Bernie (in spirit) & Miss Pauleena!

Greetings from The New Pack Leader

My internal tail has been wagging, non-stop, for weeks!

I am very honored and excited to become the new Pack Leader of The Prescott Dog. The highest honor is that Ann Herrington was willing to entrust me with “Her Baby” This ownership change has enabled me to merge two of my life’s loves, dogs and the printed page, into one great adventure. I love all animals but dogs have captivated my heart since early childhood. During my professional career I have had the pleasure of assisting many rescue groups throughout the southwest achieve their adoption goals and maintain their missions.

First, let’s get to the Thank You’s. First and foremost I want to thank my partner and biggest fan, my husband David, without whom this dream would not have been realized. To my mom and my daughter for their urging and insisting, that I grab the dog by the leash. To the readership, rescue groups and advertisers whose loyalty has made this publication what it is today I give thanks. Then there are many dear friends that have watched this dream unfold, cheering from the sidelines. Thank you to all of you for your love and support. I am truly humbled and grateful.

There are big shoes to fill. Ann Herrington, founder of The Prescott Dog has been a tireless advocate for animal welfare throughout her career. Ann has the fearless heart of a lioness, going up against some of the biggest corporate giants on the planet to speak on behalf of the animals. Eight years ago when Ann created the magazine she created a mouthpiece for those that didn’t have a consistent voice; the animals and the rescue groups that help them, in our communities.

Ann agreed to stay on. I am grateful for the faith Ann has in my ability to continue our dream, but the truth is the publication still needs her touch during this transition. So through heavy arm twisting and wailing jags that resembled a 3 year old, Ann did agree to stay.... for a editor at large.... she kept saying something about retiring. I just can’t see her exiting the animal welfare fight when there is so much still to be done. I applaud her vision and efforts to expand “The Dog” brand. My hope is to see a magazine in every community, with the full support of the community that The Prescott Dog enjoys. Imagine 100 publication just like The Prescott Dog, What impact would that have on bringing awareness to the plight of homeless and neglected animals? I believe the climate is perfect for just such an explosion of knowledge.

It takes a community. The real work that takes place to make “the Dog” run is gladly done by a community of award winning writers, photographers and designers. I could not have hand picked a better, more knowledgeable group of individuals to carry out our mission. My gratitude to each of you.

What does the future hold? In a perfect world every companion animal would be in a wonderful, loving forever home. Most of us know that our current world is not perfect. Until the day comes when we set the world to right, we will be in this fight. A fight to give voice to the voiceless, innocent creatures that have been entrusted to us humans and a place where they can live the lives that they were intended to live. Until that day, we’ll be here.

Peace, Love, Dog,


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