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The Leader of the Pack Howls

Dear Readers,

We are heading into summer and after seeing some news stories about dogs being left in cars, I urge you to be mindful of their safety and leave your beloved pets at home if leaving them in the car is the only option when taking them out. And if you see a pet in a car, call for help and decide whether or not you should intervene if help does not get there fast enough. It is sometimes deadly and it hurts my heart to hear of these things. Also, lots more shade and water when our pets are outside and walks in the morning or evening when it is cooler. It is imperative that we stay mindful and aware of our pets health and safety always.

On the cover, we are featuring some wonderful felines instead of canines! Miss Kitty’s Cat House has been in Prescott for many years and do wonderful works to help many cats find loving, forever homes! We are happy to feature them as our FIRST feline cover story which is probably long overdue. We have so many wonderful feline parents and so we want to thank Miss Kitty’s for all that they do as well as the other rescue and shelter groups who help our feline friends. Cats make wonderful “best friends” too!

“Soldier Dogs” help our soldiers in many ways, sometimes in war and sometimes here at home. In our regular feature, Soldier Dogs, we are getting up close and personal with Jason, a young marine who rescued two dogs named Gunner & Foxy. In return, they have given him emotional support, calmness and stability to deal with stress, loss and more that he sustained from his service. It seems fitting that as we celebrate our Independence on the 4th of July, we tell this young marine’s story that includes two tours in Afghanistan as well as a variety of multiple overseas deployments in the past 6 years. I think he is the epitome of what this great country stands for and I feel blessed that we are able to share his story with you. The most important things to him are God, his wife, his dogs and the Corps! Thank you Jason and everyone who has served and their families!

In a Special Feature this issue, we bring you the story of a non-profit organization named The Human Canine Connection. They give a whole new meaning to “foster” that we usually use when a dog is in need of a temporary home. She is helping children in Foster Care by matching them with dogs that they spend time with, walking, playing, and of course, receiving unconditional love!. It also helps get them outdoors and builds self-confidence. I was so moved by this story and this organization with what they are doing to help children in the Arizona Foster Care system. I hope you feel the same way and they are in need of help here in Prescott.

In our regular feature, Dogs In Blue: The K9 Beat, you will find out what it takes to be a partner to a K9 officer. Officer Paul Haines shares what it takes to be a good partner to a K9 officer which requires a 24/7 commitment. It may look easy, but it isn’t. It takes a lot of time, patience and good judgment when working with these remarkable, highly trained canines. I applaud their dedication and sense of duty that makes canines one of the most valuable assets a police department has. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did.

In this issue, we also have many events coming up that you can enjoy to help animals or enjoy with your animals so please make sure you check out our calendar. And don’t forget to save the date for our 8th Annual Dogtoberfest & Adopt-a-thon on Sunday, October 5th this year. We hope to see you all there!

Ann, Bernie & Miss Pauleena
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